What is the 5DStarseed project?
5D Starseed is a new animated series & illustrated storybook project about a young teenager, Anya, who is guided to discover the power of the 5th Dimension. The aim of the project is to guide people who are struggling to find their place in this world, helping them to access their full potential.
The Story
The next generation have lost power over their own lives. Anya, a young teenager, must learn how to connect with her higher self and master the true power of human consciousness so that she can lead humanity into a new age. If you are going through a spiritual awakening, or are fascinated by the concepts of ascension and the origins of humanity, this project is definitely for you.
5D Starseed Painting by Retro Manni
What is the 5th Dimension?
While we currently live in 3 Dimensions - h w d - where we’re able to control space and matter. Space and matter are tangible but time is not. We can walk, talk, do - but all in an order that cannot be reversed. We then have the 4th Dimension - this is where time becomes tangible. What does that mean? Time can be manipulated. So in simple terms - imagine you could be at any point in time, in a near infinite number of timelines whenever you want - because they’re all happening simultaneously.
Accessing our potential
When we realise that every challenge we encounter in life, every possible outcome has already happened in the 4th Dimension. It is simply our job to manifest the most appropriate possibility into our 3rd Dimension. That is the 5th Dimension.
5D Starseed painting by Retro Manni
The world is going through a massive transition which began a decade ago. The events over the last 2 years has meant this transition has become more prevalent in the human consciousness. The 5D Starseed project will be a record of this transition for future generations.
About The Artist
I'm Retro Manni, a digital artist and storyteller from the UK. My work explores the connection between cyberpunk/dystopian themes, loose & painterly brushwork and spiritual philosophies & concepts. You’ll often see me paint impressionistic and futuristic cityscapes at night with a strong emphasis on layered narratives. I am fascinated by the connection between human beings and our interaction with the 4th and 5th dimension as well as the notion of a higher self.
- Retro Manni's website & Twitter
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